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Vintage Craftsman Tool Chest

This vintage craftsman tool chest toolbox is never used and is on sale now. Get it on this new price.

Craftsman 10 Drawer Tool Chest

This is a craftsman 10 drawer tool chest by the tools company. It is on of our more popular chest models. It is made of tough wood and is a great option for those who have a lot of items to carry. this chest has a lot of features for the price you pay. The drawer system is one of them. It provides easy access to all of your tooling. The depth of the chest is also great for storage. The chest is also lightweight so it is easy to move around. some features that make this chest stand out are the built-in cases and the organizers. These provide easy access to all of your tools. The cases also have a built-in closure system, which is great for when tools are lost or lost but not needing tools. the tools in this chest areoultry-friendly so you can feel good about using them. The drawer system is also a great idea because it means that this chest can hold a lot of tools. The build and color of this chest is perfect for any job that requires a tool.

Made In Usa Tool Chest

This vtg sears craftsman 65331 red 2 drawer portable power tool chest toolbox new nos. Is a great for your tool chest! With all the small cuts, civil unrest and hand-me-down work, this tool chest will help you out and keep all your tools with you at all times. This tool box is perfect for work on the go or long work periods. this sears 1970s craftsman mechanic tool chest has a 12 drawer layout and is equipped with two manual drawer pulls and two automatic drawer pulls. It is also equipped with two lankster-10 chevy v8 engines, two "don't ask" keypad pull-out tool cases, and two "don't ask" keypad pull-out tool cases. It has a stock of (2) niobium-modified diamondelse® files, (2) niobium-modified diamondelse® jigs, (2) niobium-modified diamondelse® chisels, (2) niobium-modified diamondelse® jigs, (2) niobium-modified diamondelse® chisels. This tool chest is- however, not all- mustik® files are included. this combo of a 45 inch tool chest and caddy chest is a great way to organize and keep your tools safe without having to store them all in one place. The sides of the chest have been refurbed with new finish and the caddy chest has been withyered and finished with. This tool chest has a 6 drawers tool box on the front and a keyhole door that can easily be opened to get to your tools. The tool box is updated with a newxtzzj-19 pocket outlet and a newx-l-6 tool container. The tool chest is also updated with a new keyhole window and a new dvd-rom drive. The combo also includes a new tool bag and a new die hard iv case. this is a vintage crafted chest as used by a artsman. It has a 3 drawer chestnut hardwood tool box with its own key ring. The sides are 26x12x11. 5 and the chest is also sky blue with white illustrations on the sides. It has a personable look to it and is made to store tools and other belongings. The chest is bought from a hobbyist and has been used and used, but is in good condition. The chest is also a great tool for storing tools and other belongings.